The Living Statues
Bubble Shows
Living Topiaries
Toy Soldiers
Living Floral Trees
Stilt Puppets
The Marionette
Bubble Shows
Living Statues
Living Topiaries
Toy Soldiers
The Marionette
Stilt Puppets
Living Trees
Ancient Warriors 
Stone Legend
Terracotta Warriors
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Living Floral Trees / Enchanted Ivy
Stilt Puppets / Dragon & Knight
The Marionette
Dream and Prestige combined together! These amazing soldiers bring royalty and richness to your event. Use them as Guardians of your red carpet or have fun and laugh as they stroll throughout your event as a toy moving atmosphere act. For more info please click here.
Adorned with beautiful flowers, these goddesses of nature will magically come to life to amaze audiences with their elegance and grace as they are moving with captivating agility.
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Crossing over cultures, age and languages, “The Marionette” is a Musical Show telling a beautiful story of true friendship. Based on the award winning movie “The Marionette,” the poetry here is not in words but in action. Full of multi-level messages, The Marionette can be formatted to your needs according to your event. For more info please click here.
The actor gives an amazing performance when he played the dual role of a dragon and knight by convincing the audience with stilt walking and puppeteering that they are a reality through his extraordinary technical and dramatic abilities. For more info please click here.
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Entertainment For Your Events
The Living Statues
Toy Soldiers / Nutcrackers
Bubble Shows /Strolling & Stage
Living Topiaries
Combining fun with prestige “The Living Statues” highlight you’re themed event like no other. Our Entertainment has 20 years of experience in producing “The Living Statues” entertaining people worldwide. We offer customized shows to fit any event.
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Fascinating and poetic, offering a show full of surprise. Very visual on stage or strolling in the audience, “Bubble Nicolas” a stage show or “Bubble Shows” a strolling atmosphere act with a variety of characters and costumes adapted to the theme of your event. Its the show no one truly expects but remembers forever. For more info please click here.
Since the Roman Empire, Topiaries are symbols of Charm, Elegance and Luxury. Our line of Living Topiaries recreates this spectacular Atmosphere for your Event.
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the living statues
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the living topiaries
Ancient Warriors / Stone Legend Comes Alive
These mesmerizing warrior statues make a huge impact as they suddenly come alive moving and advancing to create powerful choreographed positions and scenes from simple décor to striking battle fields, from funny interactions to lasting impressions.  This amazing breathtaking show will have a long and memorable place in viewer’s hearts and minds.