Bigger than Life, Precious and Heart-Warming!

A comicl story of true friendhsip.

His Marionette is a friend to treasure, and a friend without strings is a friend forever.


Spanning all generations, cultures and viewers of every description, “THE MARIONETTE” is a masterpiece of movement, music and storytelling that takes audiences on a journey of self-discovery and imagination…

The Marionette is understated elegance in storytelling the simple, clean sets, crisp production values and multi-level messages, it will reach into each viewer and let them reach that place inside where the child within still resides.

The Marionette has all the elements of success, great storylines, great talent, great directing and a superb message for people of all ages and cultures.

So lean back, relax and get set to be amused, amazed and charmed by the newest friend in your life…..