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Bubble Shows
Living Statues
Living Topiaries
Toy Soldiers
The Marionette
Stilt Puppets
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Stilt Puppets
The story they tell reaches far beyond Provinces and Countries. Their theater is the Universe. Come and live with them a marvelous journey.

We would be delighted to bring you our concept...
Welcome to the source of Legendary Animals. Let them inspire you with their silhouette and multicolored costumes. With elegance they move around above the ground, blowing a wind of imagination with their acrobatics.
The Puppets
Gryphon and Corto, immediately enchant and seduce a crowd, Gryphon with his flair for the mischievous and Corto, the flamingo, with his colorful antics. The Dragon, regardless of who rides him, is a fierce creature on the surface, and much less approachable. However, anyone with the courage to overcome their fear, especially the children, can be a hero if they attempt to tame him. And last, but not least there is the Dragonfly, who is actually a Fairy Queen in the body of a bug. She enlightens your day by reflecting the (Sun) light from her wings summoning a rainbow of colorful dancing Fairies.
Each puppet has its very own unique personality and breathing life into these mythical creatures while balancing them on stilts requires extraordinary technical and dramatic abilities. The puppeteer performs the dual role of bird and rider, or dragon and knight. As though they may have escaped from a cartoon, or perhaps a dream, the playful birds,
Our stilt show adds a whole dimension to your event and venue with these unique stilt walkers and puppeteers who wander through the ages and bring to life fairies, dragons and elves, buffoons and beasts,...
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